How Do You Pack That!

June 22, 2008

A brief how to pack some commonly mispacked stuff and things. By packing your memories and important materials correctly you can avoid damages that occure when items are not packed and stored correctly.

How To Pack This:

  • Dishes – pack those vertically up and down with each wrapped individually in tissue paper. Don’t use newspaper if intending on long exposure as inks can transfer on to plates. You can then put a paper plate inbetween each wrapped dish. After this is done when placing into their box or container on the outer edges place cushioning material be it packing bubble or rolled up towels to hold and cushion the plates from moving back & forth.
  • Glasses – wrap each in plain paper and depending on the type of glassware store either up & down for stemware or every day glasses can be on sides. Make sure you also stuff the interior of the glass as well. Idea: go to your grocery store, and get their old wine boxes these make great glass packers because of their dividers. You can even take those out and place in your own packing box.
  • Mirrors & Pictures – Like their friends the dishes, pack these on end as well and wrap them in bubble wrap and in a approperate sized box too.  Mark fragile and do not lean other elements onto their boxes.
  • Lamps – remove the shades and pack in individual boxes. If possible you can stack the shades inside of each other and stuff the bottom shade opening with packing material like a rolled towel or plain paper wads. Wrap the bases with protective wrapping either bubble wrap if fragile or cloth and store in a box vertically.
  • Freezers, Washers & Dryers – drain these of all moisture when storaging in your mini storage make sure you leave them slightly ajar to allow air to circulate. You can use a foam block for this.
  • Clothes – pack your clothing in boxes and not plastic because beleive it or not, plastic sweats and you want to avoid this. It is also a good idea to purchase a moisture absorber to put within the boxes as well.
  • Tables & Chairs – Wrap legs and tops with a pad or blanket to avoid scratching. If you removed hardware put it in a manilla envelope with label as to what it is and what it belongs to. Keep a hardware organizer box at the front of your unit and store your hardware for different items in one location.
  • Wood Items – Wood dressers and furniture items cover surface in a protective pad, but also it is a good idea to put moisture absorbers inside to help avoid warping. If you can leave these slightly ajar as well to allow the air to circulate.
  • Beds – Tie the bed rails together and lable which room they belong to. Remove the hardware and place inside of a ziplock or envelope with lable to which bed it belongs to. Again if you use a hardware box you can place it in there.
  • Matresses – Place mattress in a breathable bag and store either on end at the side of the unit or slide along the top of the unit.
  • Bikes and Tools – should all be cleaned and wrapped to avoid damaging themselves and other packed items. Long handled tools can be tied together and stacked in a tub or clean garbage can to keep them contained and up & down.
  • Small decor items – don’t forget you can use the dresser drawers, just make sure that you wrap these items individually and store securly within the drawer itsself to avoid moving around.
  • Electronics – Remove all batteries, secure or remove cords (again good for the hardware box method) wrap each in protective wrapping and pack in a box. Foam blocks secured around the front of screens is a good idea too.

If you have any packing and storage tips we would love to hear them as here at Ridge Road Mini Storage in Lafayette our goal is to help you and your things safely.